Welcome to the revamped Mild Peril website. I’ve been writing movie reviews for a few years now, and I’ve decided to put them up here as they were originally written, so apologies for any problem with use of the present tense etc..  I’ve also include a few reviews initially intended for a round-up section, so they might seem a bit abrupt compared with my normal rambling style.

Comments from readers are welcome, and I will of course respect your privacy – I’m not in the business of harvesting email addresses or anything like that.  If you think you can contribute to the site, drop me a message. No technical expertise is required.

Time for some necessary legal stuff:

Some of the reviews contain screenshots, usually taken directly from the movie. No copyright infringement is intended and copyright remains with the respective owners.  Some of the site content may also be unsuitable for younger children or strict work environments. If you object to any content contained on the site, please let me know and I will comply with any reasonable request for removal.

All reviews and bios are factually accurate as far as I’m aware, again I’ll be happy to correct any mistakes or typos. All opinions expressed  on this site are solely those of the author(s) and not that of any  company or person referred to. All the content on mildperil.com is intended for entertainment and information purposes only, and is  copyright © 2001-present by the author(s).

There you go. Enjoy the site.




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