Blade II (2002)

Blade II brings back Wesley Snipes as the ass-kicking leather-clad hero, and also manages to bring back Kris Kristofferson as his mentor Whistler, don’t ask me how.

As in the first movie, there’s a striking start and a neat set of special effects, and there’s also some additional exposition and a whole new set of baddies, including Luke Goss, but there’s not a single frightening scene in the whole movie. Guillermo Del Toro directs like his namesake in a china shop, but slows down enough at the end to give us one of the more memorable images in recent genre cinema. And near the start, watch out for Danny John-Jules in what looks like an unintentional joke.

The disk contains lots of good extras if you like the movie. Hard to figure why movies like this get made when we still haven’t had a decent version of  I Am Legend though.

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