Deja Vu (2006)

Reunited with director Tony Scott for the third time, Denzel Washington plays a New Orleans ATF agent brought in to investigate the bombing of a car ferry. A shadowy FBI agent  played by Val Kilmer introduces him to the latest surveillance technology, which can look in detail at the events of exactly four and a half days ago (no, don’t ask me).

The movie then becomes a combination of romance, police procedural and time/space paradox story, all filmed with Scott’s usual over-cranked style. As with Man On Fire, there’s a terrific score by Harry Gregson-Williams and inventive visuals courtesy of Scott and DP Paul Cameron, and Washington, Kilmer and Jim Caveziel do their best to give it some roots in reality. It’s the sort of movie that works well on  second viewing (there must be a joke here somewhere), even if you don’t fall for the ‘science’ involved.

The DVD is well presented but only contains some short extra features. Otherwise, it’s a very entertaining movie.

[rating: 3.9]

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