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Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

After making Dark Star at college, Carpenter made his first real movie in 1976 with Assault on Precinct 13.  It’s a homage/tribute/rip-off of his favourite movies, in particular Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo and George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, combining the deliberate pace and group ethic of the former with the nightmare menace and… Read more »

Deja Vu (2006)

Reunited with director Tony Scott for the third time, Denzel Washington plays a New Orleans ATF agent brought in to investigate the bombing of a car ferry. A shadowy FBI agent  played by Val Kilmer introduces him to the latest surveillance technology, which can look in detail at the events of exactly four and a… Read more »

Paradise Lost (2006)

Originally titled Turistas, this was retitled Paradise Lost for its UK cinema release. It’s the cautionary tale of a group of young and under-dressed backpackers who end up marooned in the Brazilian jungle. After a bit of wandering around in nice scenery, it all gets nasty  enough to make you cancel that trip to Rio… Read more »

Revenge (1990)


Just after the release of Man On Fire, I dug out an old Tony Scott movie called Revenge. It makes a very interesting companion piece to the later movie, treating a similar story as one of revenge rather than redemption. Kevin Costner stars as a fighter pilot who has an affair with Madeleine Stowe (unfortunately… Read more »

The Far Side of Jericho (2006)

This month’s Western is The Far Side of Jericho, directed by Tim Hunter who made a big splash with River’s Edge (sic) back in the 80s, but who has seemingly been exiled to TV ever since leaving Robocop 2 over ‘creative differences’.  One of his TV jobs was directing episodes of Deadwood, and this takes… Read more »

The Jacket (2005)

The Jacket

As a bit of light relief, I watched The Jacket, which is a sort of SF movie directed by obscure English film-maker John Maybury. The good news is that it’s a thought-provoking and surprisingly moving story which is well worth putting the effort in for. Adrien Brody stars as a veteran of the first Gulf… Read more »

The Blind Dead Collection (1971)

For less than fifteen quid, I picked up Anchor Bay’s R2 box set, The Blind Dead Collection, which covers Amando de Ossorio’s 4-film series made in Spain in the early 70s. These must have been inspired initially by the success of Night of the Living Dead, and are not without their attractions: the blurb claims… Read more »

Bruiser (2000)

I expected a lot from Bruiser, a new movie from my old pal George A. Romero, which arrived on Belgian (?) DVD with very little fanfare.  It’s a nice concept, about a man who is ignored to the point where he wakes up with a blank white mask for a face. The cast includes several… Read more »

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

As late as the ‘eighties, before the studios knocked any genuine individuality out of their ‘product’,  and before Tarantino made it hip to drop lots of cultural references for no good reason,  it wan’t unusual to sit there surrounded by a largely baffled audience, most of them wondering if confusion was a good enough reason… Read more »

Electra Glide in Blue (1973)

Electra Glide in Blue soundtrack

For the uneducated, this is a story of a traffic cop in Arizona with aspirations to become a detective, hampered by his corrupt bosses and the fact that he’s only five feet four inches tall. It’s the only movie directed by music producer James William Guercio and is stunningly photographed by the great Conrad Hall…