Seraphim Falls (2006)

Brosnan and Neeson

I love a good western; hell, I love a bad western. Unfortunately we don’t get many these days, but here’s one and it’s 95% good.

Liam Neeson chases Pierce Brosnan across some startling scenery at the end of the civil war, from snowy mountains to desert plains, and there’s a fair bit of gory violence along the  way, as well as a fine supporting cast of villains (Michael Wincott, Ed Lauter and Xander Berkeley among them). Thematically it’s similar to The Outlaw Josey Wales in its view on the  pointlessness of living for revenge; I wondered if the casting of two actors born on the opposite sides of the Irish conflict was just coincidence.

Seraphim Falls is beautifully made by TV director David Von Ancken and photographed by John Toll. However, it all gets a bit mystical at the end, when various characters turn up representing the Devil and Greed, and leaving the viewer uncertain as to which bits really happened. Given the harsh reality of the first 2 hours, it’s a bit of a let-down,  at least for me, even if the title should have given it away.

Well worth watching, if only to see Brosnan acting rather then looking like a mannequin.

[rating: 3.6]

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