White Comanche (1968)

Comanche Moon

A metaphorical mirror

After Star Trek was initially cancelled in 1968, William Shatner must have fancied a Spanish holiday.

So here he is, playing halfbreed twin brothers in a Spaghetti western: Johnny Moon is a surly cowboy and Notah Moon is a savage Comanche killer with a liking for peyote (giving Shatner a chance to overact wildly, which he seizes eagerly as you would expect). Joseph Cotten  gets top billing as the local sheriff, and Rossana Yani is the love interest for both Shatners.

It’s hard to know where to start. The continuity is all over the place, you see some telegraph  poles in the background at one point, and the dialogue is awful. I loved it.

[rating: 2.5]

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