Snowy Movies Quiz – Answers

1. Easy one to kick off, John Carpenter’s version of The Thing (1982).

2. Batman Returns (1992). No other Batman titles accepted.

3. The Dead Zone (1983), my favourite Cronenberg movie and possibly the best King adapatation.

4. More King, this time Dreamcatcher (2003). I know it’s not good but I like it.

5. First tricky one here, this is Eli Wallach in the classic TV movie, A Cold Night’s Death (1973)

6. Back to the easy ones – 30 Days of Night (2007)

7. Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (1993). I thought it was only fair to have a Scandinavian movie in here.

8. The newest movie on this list, Adam Green’s excellent Frozen (2010).

9. Now we’re getting a bit more obscure – Il Grande Silenzio (1968) aka The Great Silence. If you ever need sending into a deep depression, this one’s for you

10. Going back a bit further, another downbeat western – Day of the Outlaw (1959).

Top Scores:

Matt – 8
Dave C – 7
Will K – 6
Debbie – 6

And a bunch of others with lower scores, who will remain anonymous unless they tell me otherwise. Only 23 entries, next year I’ll improve the spam. Or perhaps make it easier.

Thanks everyone for taking part, see you soon with another quiz.


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