Paradise Lost (2006)

Originally titled Turistas, this was retitled Paradise Lost for its UK cinema release.

It’s the cautionary tale of a group of young and under-dressed backpackers who end up marooned in the Brazilian jungle. After a bit of wandering around in nice scenery, it all gets nasty  enough to make you cancel that trip to Rio and go to Skegness instead, as it turns into a cross between Wish You Were Here and a ‘70s Philippino mad doctor slasher movie (come on, I know you’ve seen a few). I suspect that some scenes, and one in particular, have been added in to up the ante and compete with the recent ‘torture porn’ trend.

Surprisingly, director John Stockwell is the same guy who starred in Christine all those years ago – he seemed like such a pleasant bloke. To sum up, it’s well made, the girls and scenery look great, and one scene will put you right off your spaghetti Bolognese.

Available now in R1 in both rated and unrated versions; I watched the latter, I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.

[rating: 2.5]

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