Sleepless (2001)

Sleepless was made by Dario Argento in 2001, long after his peak. For a pleasant change the R2 release is a better release than the overseas DVD (where it goes under the original title Nohosonno, although I’ve seen it under a few different titles).

Never one to depart from a tried and tested formula, Dario gives us a story of a black-gloved killer stalking assorted women and poorly dubbed actors to the backing of a deafening soundtrack. The only original touch is that there’s a sincere and completely misplaced performance from Max Von Sydow as a retired detective. Oh, and there’s a gory and brutal Death By Clarinet, which is a first to me. There’s a whole sub-genre waiting to be analysed here, the best of which has to be the Death by Trombone from The Town That Dreaded Sundown

The score by Goblin is their best for years, and you also get a second disk, which includes the Argento documentary often shown on C4, with the expected contributions from the likes of Romero and Carpenter. The usual Argento warnings apply, which is to say that he’s a sick and nasty misogynist with an undeniable talent.


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